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Back in 2013 people started to talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and in the manufacturing about the Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Was it just a fad? Would it make a nice whooshing sound as it passed on by? The answer is no, much to everyones surprise it has stayed the course.

So what is the 4th Industrial Revolution? As with many things it is a marketing term that hides the complexity fo the real issues, it hits that sweet spot between being specific enough to offer confidence, and vague enough for people not in-the-know to talk about with authority. This has resulted in a whole load of buzz words have been associated with the term, big data, AI, edge computing, cloud computing, machine learning, smart everything, additive manufacturing, IoT, IIoT, advanced robotics, digital twins, digital threads, block chain the list goes on.

To me it is about improvement, not continuous improvement in the sense of lean and six sigma, but looking for the game changers. To understand the game changers we need to have a deep understanding of the issues we are looking to solve. These issues need a different approach, they aren’t about improving today legacy, they are about asking ourselves… What If?

What If…The application performed amazingly regardless of the number of users?

What If… I can use the application anywhere regardless of the type of device or my site or location?

What If… Features and technologies were always up-to-date and fresh?

What If… I had confidence in the security of the application and the data?

What If… I can try before I buy?

What If… I didn’t have to pay for expenses servers, server rooms, power supplies etc?

What If… I only paid for what I used, based on the benefits I gain?

What If… I can deploy the solution globally in the matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months?

What If… The data we were collecting gave us real insights and predictions to improve our business?

In 2017 ATS Global started to think differently about how we were delivering services to our customers. We listened to our customers, their issues, their future ambitions but we didn’t want to compromise today’s business. This is why we created SODA Labs. SODA Labs is a dedicated global team of highly skilled individual that are continually asking themselves… What If?

So after 18 months of hard work we are launching SODA Labs. Closely followed by SODA Play our first SaaS application that allows you to Map Your Business, Shape Your Tasks, and Play Your Process.

Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration of SODA Play, or to discuss the range SODA Labs services we have to offer.

Best Regards,

Martin Kelman

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