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SODA Labs is our innovation team packed full of tech superheroes. At SODA Labs we offer an innovative, disruptive, fresh approach to software and services.

We will utilise cloud, apps, machine learning and technology to create real value within your company, and your industry.

SODA Labs is our playground where we collaborate with you, our customers. Whether at your sites, office, innovation centres, universities, or virtually.


Rapid Deployments

Cloud technologies actively encourage innovation. Rapid, agile development techniques means that new features are delivered in days rather than months. The only thing holding companies back is their ambition.

SODA Cloud

SODA Cloud is where we build our fresh services, store and analyse data, and where you can access the web version of SODA Play.

App Development

SODA Play is a mobile app that is available on apple and android smart phone. What app do you want?

Machine Learning

SODA Labs use the latest in database, machine learning and AI technologies to solve problems to real world issues.

IT/OT Convergence

SODA Labs along with ATS Global can deliver a suite of software to connect the shop-floor to your boardroom, bridging the gap between operational and information technology.

SaaS Services

SODA Labs has its very own SODA Play SaaS service, already for you to try. Map, Shape and Play your process.

Industry 4.0

Find out more about how SODA Labs and ATS Global have delivered Flexmobility into Additive Manufacturing and Advance Robotics.

Working with SODA Labs

Migrate to Industry 4.0

Cloud, smart phones, and AI are powering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Together we can support your company to innovate, transform and improve. Hybrid Architectures will help your company embrace new technology without harming your current operations.

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